From the Chairman

Dear Guest,

I welcome you to my world with the Swahili greeting, Jambo!

Whenever you think of East Africa, images of rolling grassland teeming with unbridled wildlife and sunny and sandy beaches with whistling palm trees flood your mind. This is the home of diverse cultures ranging from the traditional red Shuka-clad Maasai, to the age old Arabic villages at the coast.

This is my home, our home. We are more than willing to share this paradise with you. We look forward to welcoming you to East Africa with a warm and friendly smile.

Suresh Sofat

Karibuni Somak

Welcome to the world of Somak Safaris

Have you ever dreamt of a land still pure with natural mysteries and full of untamed wildlife? Do you ever imagine yourself having dinner in the middle of the bush with an amazing background symphony of birds chirping, lions roaring and hyenas laughing? Well, at Somak, we turn those dreams into reality.

Images of predators stalking and tracking prey in rolling savannah grasslands, elephants trumpeting at watering holes and hundreds of thousands of wildebeest galloping across the Mara River, become reality on a Somak Safari. Just as you saw it on National Geographic, you are now a part of the action.

We welcome you to East Africa,
the home of the ultimate
safari experience.